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How to add personal touch to your style

London, UK

If you are still on your way of discovering your truly  one and only unique style which speaks to you, you  are most likely  easily embrace inspiration from outside. Don’t get me wrong- there is nothing bad in getting inspiration from style icons,  magazines, celebrities, fashion  bloggers, designers, brands or other influencers. But


  1. Colour pallet
  2. Small accessory

Accessories as bag charms, key rings, pins, brooches can twist  your  boring  wardrobe staples into

… add some elegance with classic Chanel double C brooch or youth,playful and trendy vibes with pop-style pin;  charm with the initial letter can make your  handbag unique; fur pom brings playfulness and indicate soft and friendly nature of its owner, rather than serious and sullen.

  1. DIY is always good idea
  2. Statement piece


wardrobe staples

Wardrobe staples

1. If you have been said “every girl  must have skinny black jeans, crispy white shirt, blank tank top , LBD ( that’s how they call little black dress) etc. Not really.  You owe nothing.Literally. I mean it. I…